Naughty Dog SOS

Naughty Dog SOS

Naughty Dog SOS program

Naughty Dog SOS

Does you dog bark & lunge at other dogs?
Chase joggers or cyclist?
Are they destructive in the home?
Do they shred their toys?
Do they never settle?
Are they always hyper-alert to any noises?

This program is designed for you

The program is delivered over 3 sessions
We will cover a whole range of things, to really help you to supercharge your dogs learning.

  • Building focus & Attention
  • Ignoring distractions
  • Impulse control exercises
  • Input on the effects of enrichment on behaviour, and ways to help your dog feel calm and able to learn
  • Input on dog body language & behaviour
  • The good & bad signs to look for when your dogs play
  • And much more...

You will also receive:

  • A mini behaviour plan which looks in detail at the issues you are experiencing. You will receive a report and help & support with this
  • Full support from a Certified animal Behaviourist by email/phone for 4 weeks

Throughout the programme we will go through lots of alternative behaviours that your dog could engage in, and which bring the same reward as the unwanted behaviour.

£200 for 4 weeks intensive learning and behaviour support