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ANG Flirt Pole Rope Tug Dog Toy

Natures menu treats 60g ( chicken and pork) £2 each

Natures menu treats (beef and pork) £2 each

Natures menu treats (lamb and chicken) £2 each

Kong Puppy small, medium and large

Kong Wobbler Large

Action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation by allowing dogs to work for their food

Kong Ballistic Hide 'N' Treat

KONG Ballistic Hide ’N Treat brings treat dispensing fun to the KONG Ballistic family. This durable plush toy, delivers two-in-one action, as a mentally challenging treat puzzle and doubling as a fetch toy when closed. Ballistic Hide ’N Treat is designed with heavy-duty pockets and non-abrasive Velcro® enclosures to hide treats and occupy dogs through varying levels of difficulty while providing a comfortable chewing experience. Open the pockets for an easy challenge and close to increase the difficulty. Want to add to the play session? Close completely to turn the toy into a ball-shaped fetch toy. A reinforced wipeable canvas make this toy easy to clean while standing-up to tough play sessions for long-lasting fun.

Kong Rewards Ball Large

Bounce and roll action keeps dogs active

Kong Hopz Ball

Rewarding treat dispenser that satisfies natural instincts & provides mental stimulation

Kong Gyro

A Roll & Flip Enrichment toy to entertain and Intrigue your dog