Behaviour Consultation

Initial consultation

Dogs £250
Cats £150
This is an in depth consultation which covers all aspects of your pets life, including nutrition, exercise regime and past history. It aims to identify why the behaviour is occuring, how the pet feels when performing the behaviour and why the behaviour is being repeated.

The consultation aims to give you a detailed behavioural plan which addresses the problem behaviour and full support is given, when implementing the plan.

Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and your Veterinary Surgeon will be contacted so that any previous history can be obtained, and any current medical conditions can be ruled out.

A follow up appointment is included.

Further follow up appointments £60

Behaviour & Training packages are available


One-to-One Training Sessions

One to one puppy training £45/Session

Includes basic commands, i.e. sit, stay and walk to heel on a loose leash.
These sessions aim to give you all of the advice and practical knowledge needed to allow your puppy to grow into a confident and sociable adult dog.
Topics covered include;
Socialising your puppy with children, other dogs and other pets in the home.
How to help your puppy be confident around the home and outside, with things which could otherwise cause fear, i.e. Traffic, Fireworks, Noisy househould appliances, etc.
These sessions can be tailored to your needs but will always cover the important points needed.

One-to-one Dog training £60/session

Sessions cover subjects such as recall, impulse control and jumping up at people, but are tailored to your needs. Behavioural issues are not covered but can be discussed during the visit (see behaviour consultation service)

Sessions last aprox. 1 hour

Training packages are available


Training Workshops

All Workshops are £30 and last 1.5hrs

Does your dog come back when called?

Recall Workshop

Our recall workshops use games and focus exercises, and give you the tools to build up a solid recall

Does your dog pull on-lead?

Loose lead walking Workshop

Our loose lead walking workshop shows you some simple yet effective techniques to teach your dog to walk nicely on a lead

Does your dog not give you a moments peace? do they have problems focussing? and paying attention.

Enrichment & Behaviour Workshop

Our Enrichment & Behaviour Workshop
shows you activities to do with your dog to promote calm behaviour, reduce frustration and occupy him. Handouts will be given at the end of the session

Puppy School Course

Virtual Puppy Course £75 (+£1 booking fee)

A course of 6 classes. Suitable for ages 12weeks to 5 months at start of course.

Usually £75 (+£1 booking fee)

1-2-1 sessions are available to supplement this course. These are offered at a reduced rate of £30/session


Naughty Dog SOS Program

£200 For 4 weeks intensive learning and behaviour support

Naughty Dog SOS program
Naughty Dog SOS
Does you dog bark & lunge at other dogs?
Chase joggers or cyclist?
Are they destructive in the home?
Do they shred their toys?
Do they never settle?
Are they always hyper-alert to any noises?

This 4 week program is designed for you
The program is delivered over 3 sessions.
We will cover a whole range of things, to really help you to supercharge your dogs learning.

 Building focus & Attention
 Ignoring distractions
 Impulse control exercises
 Input on the effects of enrichment on behaviour, and how we can help your dog feel calm and able to learn
 Input on dog body language & behaviour
 The good & bad signs to look for when your dogs play
 And much more...
You will also receive:

 A mini behaviour plan which looks in detail at the issues you are experiencing. You will receive a report and help & support with this
A weekly Q&A session to allow you to discuss any issues or ask questions
 A weekly online training session with clear video demonstrations and coaching
 Full support from a Certified animal Behaviourist by email/phone for 4 weeks
 An outdoor session with a qualified ICAN trainer & Puppy School tutor. Sessions in small group & targeted to your needs
At the end of the 4 week program your dog will pay attention to you & be able to focus and learn new behaviours.
Throughout the 4 weeks we will go through lots of alternative behaviours that your dog could engage in, and which bring the same reward as the unwanted behaviour.


Group Classes (Over 5 months)

Cognitive Skills Class

Online Class
A course lasting 6 weeks
Test your dogs cognitive skills and help them to develop redundant parts of their brain. This is a great course for any age dog but can be beneficial to elderly or cognitively impaired dogs

Enrichement & Behaviour Class

4 x Sessions Online
Each session lasts 1 hour
Handouts will be given