Loose Lead Walking Group Session - Outdoors

Loose Lead Walking Group Session - Outdoors

A group session which aims to give you the tools needed to get your dog walking on a loose lead.
Session 1.5 hr in an outside venue.

North Seaton - Saturday 17th September at 10.30 - 12.00

I will be teaching your dog:
how to focus & pay attention,
how to build that attention up,
how it is rewarding to walk on a slack lead next to you & how to begin building up your dogs ability, to ignore distractions like other dogs when on lead

I will also give input on how important the leash is for giving our dogs signals that are positive. A tight lead can create tensions. When we teach our dogs to relax they can begin to enjoy their walk and we begin to give the right signals to the dog so he is more able to relax when on lead.
I will also send a digital copy to each participant on the importance of enrichment activities on the general mood & emotions of our dogs. This is to supplement the session and begin teaching your dog other ways to be calm.
This can help when you have a particularly excitable dog with little focus or increased frustration. Using enrichment can put your dog in a calmer state to learn which can make learning more effective

£20 per session