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Advanced Classes are suitable for Puppies who have graduated from Puppy School.
Classes are designed to build on your young adult dogs attention and focus.
Exercises covered in class include Recall training, Loose lead walking with distractions, Wait, Stay on mat and Trick training. Dogs will have a chance to socialise with other dogs of a similar age, where possible. This aims to build confidence in your dog, when socialising with other dogs.
Dogs will be given an interesting play environment with elements of agility. Owners will be given valuable information to maintain a good emotional state in their dog, which is important as it can reduce the likelyhood of behaviour issues typically seen in Juvenile dogs.
The class is designed to be fun for both owners and dogs.

Please give details of any behaviour issues, e.g. poor recall, biting, barking, digging, chewing
Give details of diet, including supplements or treats
State how many times per day dog is fed
Are you happy for these details to be kept on file for future contact regarding training.
No third party is ever given this information