Strengthening the Bond Between Owner and Pet

One to one training - Dogs

Clicker and reward based methods are used to teach your dog how you would like it to behave and is ideal for problems such as jumping up, lead pulling or recall. I provide full support during these sessions and between if necessary.

For owners of new puppies I provide one to one sessions that are an excellent way of teaching your puppy the basics and preventing problems occurring, include dealing with toilet training, puppy biting and chewing. Teaching 'leave it', and 'drop it', learning to walk nicely on the lead in the garden, and preventing jumping up.

I also offer visits for new puppies/kittens in the home, covering nutrition, suitable toys and the best ways to settle your new addition in. Children are welcome to get involved in these sessions. Please e-mail me for further information at

Behavioural Consultation

For problematic behaviour I offer a full behavioural service.
To help me prepare for the first consultation I will send you a lengthy questionnaire to complete, which forms part of the consultation. The first consultation will normally be carried out in your pet's home and usually takes a couple of hours.

During the Consultation

We will discuss the problem and I will look at your pet's diet, your interactions with your pet and general day to day routines. This will enable me to identify how your pet is feeling before, during and after the behaviour. I will look at why the behaviour is happening and determine ways to prevent it. I will then devise a behavioural treatment plan and give you an in-depth report of my findings. Full support will be given when putting the plan in place. A follow up appointment is included if necessary and full support is available when implementing the plan.

Types of behavioural problems I deal with include:

~Food guarding behaviours
~Attention-seeking behaviours
~Destructive or anxious behaviour when left alone
~Messing in the house

~Urinating in house
~Conflict with other cats or animals in the home