Training Services

Training Services

One-to-One training


Reward based methods are used to teach your dog how you would like it to behave and is ideal for problems such as jumping up, lead pulling or recall.

Introducing Puppy/kitten to a new home

This informal session will look at how to prepare yourself, your family and your home for a new puppy/kitten, and make sure that the puppy/kitten you choose has the best possible start in its new home.
Covering nutrition, suitable toys, Crate training, Toilet training, Introducing other animals in the home, etc. These sessions are a great way to prevent future problems occuring

Puppy Training at Home

For those that don't want to commit to a class, I offer puppy training at home with advice/information on socialisation

1-2-1 at home

Suitable if you find it difficult to exercise your dog due to mobility issues, disability, etc. These sessions aim to give you and your dog activities to do from your home. £10off for O.A.P's

Training Services

Training classes

Puppy Classes (12weeks-5months old)

Puppy socialisation and training classes. A course of 6 x 1 hour classes.
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Puppy College - 5months - 1 year old

A course of 5 classes aimed at improving on the basics and building attention and focus in a distracting world. Emphases on juvenile dogs and prevention of behaviour problems.

Juniors Beginner Classes

A four week course to improve lead walking, recall, jumping up and settling behaviours out and about - aimed at beginners aged 5 months and over who are happy to be close to other dogs.

Regular Events

Enrichment & Behaviour, Loose lead Walking, etc

Well-being class for dogs

Different activities each week, e.g. Enrichment, brain games, learn a trick, etc. Sessions last 30mins (£3 per session, no commitment)

Brain Training Classes

Cognition skills classes are great for any age of dog and aim to improve brain function. These classes provide many benefits to your dog including building confidence, improving focus and attention and help build a bond with your dog. These classes are suitable for reactive dogs.