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Perfect Fit Harness

Fleece Raggy

Kong Wobbler

Action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation by allowing dogs to work for their food

Kong Gyro

A Roll & Flip Enrichment toy to entertain and Intrigue your dog

Kong Spin-it

Spin; roll & flip action treat dispenser, which engages dogs for playtime fun and provides mental-stimulation


Insert treats to extend playtime and slow feeding Wobble & Spin action engages dogs Dispenses Food & Treats

Kong Puppy Activity Ball

Supports puppies that are learning appropriate chewing behaviour. Designed to soothe sore teeth & gums

Kong Quest Bone

A treat-dispensing toy with loads of personaGreat for light to moderate chewers. Can be stuffed with your dog’s kibble to simulate natural foraging behaviours and extend treat time.

Kong Dotz Squeaky Chew Toy

KONG Dotz provide a variety of chewing fun with layered textures that entice and delight the most eager of chewers.

Kong Donut Squeaky

Combines two classic dog toys -the tennis ball and the squeaker - to create the perfect fetch toy.