Perfect Fit Harness


Tiny harness £33
15mm harness £40
20mm harness £45
40mm harness £50
Unlike a collar, Perfect Fit Harnesses put no pressure on a dog's throat. They are padded with soft high quality fleece to ensure comfort for your dog. Benefits of Perfect Fit Harness;
~ Easy to put on (clips around neck, then swings between the legs and clips either side. no need to unclip all
~ Reduces the chance of dogs escaping as the neck hole can be made smaller than the dogs skull
~ Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest & around girth
~ Front D-ring available for use with a double ended lead
~ Calming - snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs
~ Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists
~ Pieces can be bought separately, as your dog grows, if you want a different colour top and if a piece becomes damaged or chewed.

As a stockist of the Perfect Fit Harness, I can be contacted directly to arrange for a fitting

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