Kong Spin-it

Spin; roll & flip action treat dispenser, which engages dogs for playtime fun and provides mental-stimulation


Kong Spin-it
Small £10.00
Large £12.00
When pushed with a paw or nose KONG Spin It temps your pup by spinning and rolling away, rewarding with treats or kibble as it moves. Built from a durable material, your dog will be sure to have on-going mental stimulation while enjoying a yummy, entertaining experience. Dogs can't resist the array of snacks spinning inside and the textured surface makes it easy to propel adding to the on-going treat rewarding fun. Use instead of a food bowl to slow down eating and help control weight
Spin; roll & flip action engages dogs for playtime fun
Dispenses food & treat of on-going mental enrichment
Unpredictable motion ignites natural instincts
Textured exterior surface for ease of movement

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